Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

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Today, one of the most frequently used forms of entertainment is video games. This is the past time of many people, including students. Video Games have even become a source of income for some people including game developers and some Youtubers. Currently, there are numerous ways one can play these. However, there is a current stigma that playing these types of games always lead to something negative. Playing these games can only lead to the worsening of one’s physical health, the lowering of one’s academic grades, and can only lead to unproductivity. To put it into the context of the Philippines, the current trend for students is to go to computer shops after school, and as such, playing video games is only seen as a negative influence…show more content…
In another study by Ronny Kadra, who surveyed students from College of Coastal Gorgia, the results showed that there is no significant relationship between playing video games to drop in academic performance. The GPA’s of the students surveyed were far too different to conclude a relationship. Some gamers had high grades and others had average grades. In conclusion, although there is no clear relationship between playing video games and grades, that does not necessarily mean that their grades will drop.
There is research that prove that cognitive ability can be increased through video games. In a study in an article in IFL Science by Daphne Bavelier et al., she researched how action gamers fared against normal people and gamers who play more “mellow” video games in a pattern differentiation task. Through the study, she found that action gamers did better than the rest in the pattern differentiation task. Another thing she had them do was do a perceptual learning task. The results show that there was no difference between the groups at the start, but over time, the action gamers had the upper hand. Bavelier theorized that it was because the gamers could make better “templates” or models of the world and can predict things
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