Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

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Since the 19th Century, video games had been perceived as an exciting aspect of the media landscape and has experienced a lot of expansion in recent years. It had also changed the way people communicate to each other. Various studies have shown that violent content in video games desensitizes players, especially children and teenagers, to a real-world violence. Most teenagers who play violent videogames find it to be exciting because it shows empowerment. It is kind of ironic to tell how gaming can get children and teenagers to play videogames. A lot of people say that gaming has a negative effect. However, gaming has a positive effect. Our definition of gaming is when a person plays a videogame by him or herself, with another player, or a group of people. Despite the fact that gaming can lead to violence, in reality, most games are not violent and can be enjoyable when played with other players or The first way gaming has affected people in a positive way, is that gaming can be educational and teach morals and values through gameplay and storylines. The main definition of the word “gaming”, according to the dictionary of the English Language is “The playing of games developed to teach something or to help solve a problem, as in a military or business situation, the playing of computer or video games.” Gaming used to mean that a person plays a video or a casino game as gambling, mainly to gamble on an arcade game which a person can win money. Games can be educational to
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