Negative Effects Of Video Games

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In recent times, video games have quietly risen as the premier form of entertainment worldwide. Global revenues for the video game industry totaled $83.6 billion in 2014, outpacing both the film and music industry which rang in $36.4 billion and 15.06 billion respectively in the same year. (Foote, 2016). In the U.S., video games have a wide influence on the American society with “more than 40% of Americans reported playing video games regularly, (Green and Seitz, 2015), and of the 40%, children are a major part. Issues arise on the topic of how beneficial video games are to its users and even more so the niche for children. As with all forms of media, their effects on its consumers are always called into question, especially when it…show more content…
It wasn’t until some studies ventured into the realm of proving Bandura may be incorrect, that flaws in Bandura’s experiment were discovered. Bandura’s experiment had many limitations that questioned the overall validity of the experiment. One of these limitations was that “the demonstrations are measured almost immediately. With such snap shot studies, we cannot discover if such a single exposure can have long-term effects” (McLeod, 1970). Bandura was able to prove that observational learning has an almost immediate effect on the behaviors of toddlers; however, his results do not represent the long-term effects. This is important because today people have simply generalized his experiment. The mindset of “if my child watches this, they will start to do it,” is rampant, much of it dating back to Bandura’s experiment. The benchmark many parents used unknowingly could not prove the long-term effect observational learning has on behavior and so decades of misplaced fear and doubt has been directed towards video games simply because parents misinterpreted the results of an already flawed experiment. It is accurate to say observational learning plays an integral part in teenage development and behavior formation. The real x-factor in all this controversy is actually a lot more specific. The shaping of human behavior is much more affected by the environment and observing adults rather than observations through media. This notion

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