Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Are video games negatively affecting our generations?
Video games are fun to play. Playing video games may help us to forget our stress for some time but is it really worth our precious time? The popularity of video game is in upward trend. Every day we see many people playing video games and getting addicted to it. Without caring much about their surroundings, they focus their attention solely on the game. Video game is popular all over the world including Unite States. According to the article, “Internet Gaming Disorder”, “The Entertainment Software Association estimates that in the United States, 58% of the population play video games and more than 50% of the population owns a gaming console” (Yau 380). The total number of people playing video game is huge. The interesting thing is that the estimates shows half of the population owning a gaming console. This shows the popularity of video game in United States. Personally, I have seen many of my friends wasting their precious time sitting in front of Xbox or PlayStation. They seem to be in their own world far away from the reality. They enjoy their virtual achievement more than the real one. Instead of caring about their decreasing grades, they care about their position in the game. I have also noticed them stealing money from their mother to pay for the subscription of the game. Today, video game has become one of the major problem of our generation. It is making us lazy, careless,

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