Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games Video Games have become astonishingly popular, but unwelcomed source of entertainment. Video game popularity has increased steadily overtime and today 9 out of 10 American teens play video games. On average an American teen spends two hours a day playing video games (Rideout, Foehr, & Roberts). However, when Bailey, West, and Anderson gave the survey on the streets a significant percentage of teens claimed playing as much as four hours a day or more (Bailey, West, & Anderson). The fact that such a large number of children and teens spend time on a video games brings public concerns about the influence it has on teenagers and children (Wartella, & Reeves). The rising popularity of video games has…show more content…
Violent video games have been shown to increase aggressive behaviors (Anderson), whereas prosocial video games have been shown to increase empathy (Greitemeyer & Osswald). The context of video games might affect teens moderately for example, playing fast-paced video games may have positive effects on visual skills, such as faster reaction times, and improved target localization (Achtman, Green, & Bavelier; Green & Bavelier). Numerous amount of research prove that violent video games have a negative effect increasing the aggression on both short and long terms (Anderson & Dill; Anderson, Gentile, & Buckley; Anderson). Researchers believe that the aggression caused by violent video game effects depends on a real-life situation. For example, teens that do not associate with violence will not be as effected as teens that are associated with violence, violent video game have more positive attitudes toward violence without consequences in the game then that in real life “If you shoot somebody in one of these games, you don’t go to jail, you don’t get penalized in some way — you get extra points!” (Dr. Phil) this doesn’t mean that your child will go out into the “real”

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