Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Kids start to play video games at an early age like 5-10. Video games today are a huge part of today's world. People today will spend as much as $60 on a game or even $300 on PlayStation or Xbox, With that being said, some people are spending most of their day playing video games. It is a major part of how we entertain ourselves today but, Video games are bad for teenagers and kids, Some of the reason why are because it can cause body pain, aggressive behavior, or even eye damage.It might also keep you from achieving your goals. To begin with, video games can cause body pain “Consistently long sessions of playing video games might lead to an increased likelihood of getting lower back pain” (Issitt and Walker).The reason why you can…show more content…
Some kids might even play so much that they might start not listening to their parents and be disrespectful and might be violent. Also when parents are buying their kids these games, some of the games are mature and are not meant for kids when they are meant for adults. Also, video games can cause eye damage, therefore, these are some of the reasons. “Many of the gamers can get glasses from playing so long and focusing on the screen or can get permanent eye damage and even go blind”(Chittom and Finley). Some gamers will often play for hours and look at the screen which is very bad for you. Looking at the screen for so long can cause your eyes to hurt or get sore and if you keep on looking on the screen it might cause your eyes to have some problems and you have to get a glass.“Extensive viewing of the screen can cause eye strain, as the cornea, pupil, and iris are not mass viewing sessions of electronic devices”(Chittom and Finley). Extensive viewing of the

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