Negative Effects Of Video Games

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The Negatives of playing video games
Of course not all side effects of playing video games are positive, many studies have also found that there can be extremely negative side effects to playing video games. Some studies reported by (Daphne Bavelier) and (C. Shawn green) have found that playing violent video games can have an increase in aggressive thoughts, although this is something that seems rather troubling and one could assume that this would lead to the manifestation of aggression through prolonged exposure, the studies conducted conclude that the increase is of an insignificant amount and that the tests are often lacking in their treatment of the topic. I Believe this is a topic that requires further study in the future to
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Aside from fatalities caused by excessive play time there have been a few cases of a more severe nature where the players have stolen, assaulted and even murdered people over video game related issues, in Vietnam a 13 year old boy was accused of robbing and murdering an 81 year old women, when captured he pleaded guilty and confessed that he needed money to play online video games so he decided to steal it, in another more severe case and 18 year old boy from America decided to re-enact gameplay elements from the popular video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice city, he was caught trying to steal a car and was arrested, once detained he was taken to the local police station there he somehow got a hold of an officer’s gun and shot and killed 3 officers and escaped in a stolen police car. After he was later captured he stated, “Life is a video game everybody’s got to die sometime”. Although in many of these cases video games were at the centre of the incident the media often does not report on any phycological evaluations conducted on the subject’s mental state leading up to and at the time of the incidents and in comparison to the size of the video game player population as a whole the cases in question make up a very small percentage which leads me to conclude that video games are not the major cause of this behaviour rather some form of mental illness present and the video games themselves a catalyst to the behaviour.

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