Negative Effects Of Video Games

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Throughout my research on the articles that I have read about the positive affects that video games have on us human being’s. Violent games aren’t as bad as people make them out to be, shooter games can build awareness and continuity to a young children’s brain while it can assist and refine their learning skills. Violent games have been tested and researched for years and what researchers are now discovering how shooting games can help relieve PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) for war veterans. As a matter of fact with all these studies & research articles about shooter video games benefiting younger and older audiences, this may be a helpful tool for growing and learning for the future.

The news article that I choose was
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Today shooter games have designed & matched the wars that we as a nation have been through, young kids who are playing these games tend to go through a screen mediated gaze, this is where your mind marries the computer generated worlds and plays against its real world counterparts. This allows the user learn about the real world while also having fun playing the game.
Overall what makes these articles newsworthy is the fact that it is helping out the younger side of society develop new learning strategies that are fun and intriguing. Meanwhile for people who are going through major stress disorders need something that can take their mind off of the pain, now that there is a way for people to get cured slowly from this disease is very impactful to society. However you can also say that about the learning strategies and how education is the glue that holds our society together.

In the article Military shooter video games effects it produced lots of details and information regarding video games and the positive side that they have on us users. Something that jumped out in the article was how video games can put you into another world where there is also parts in the game that are incorporated into today’s real world events. This fascinated me because it said that it allows the gamers to think about a fantasy world but really that are making real life decisions that can impact the characters in the game. By

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