Negative Effects Of Video Games

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In today’s society majority of teenagers spend their time playing video games. A study shows that approximately 77% of males and 57% of females, ages 18-29, play video games (Tribune Content Agency, 2015). With video games becoming increasingly popular many ignore the negative effects they have on society. One of the most popular video games played is “Call Of Duty”. The video game “Call of Duty” should not be played due to the negative effects it has on society including enhancing aggressive behavior, teaching negative values such as bullying, and desensitizing children from violence.
Violent video games such as “Call Of Duty” desensitizes a child from violence. The child is usually isolated for elongated periods of time playing violent games. Thus forth, the violence weakens the child’s ability to empathise to the pain of others. The players in the video games don’t care if somebody gets hurt so why should they. In the article “Violent video games can desensitize players and increase aggression” it says “that twenty minutes of playing violent video games for three consecutive days lowered empathy and increased aggravation in children. It is plausible to conjure that for mass murderers their rage and the violent fantasy of video games lead to planned shootings in real life”(Drinka, 2013). Video games such as “Call of Duty” teach children how to shoot/ operate certain high tech guns. With visuales becoming more and more realistic it is easier for the child to plan a mass

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