Negative Effects Of Vigilantism

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Vigilantism: A Waste Of Life A body lays face down in the grass, police sirens echo through the neighborhood as colors of red and blue flash beneath the night sky. The police sergeant approaches the body and checks for a pulse, then proceeds to perform CPR at 7:21 pm for 6 minutes. Firefighters and EMS arrive at 7:27 pm to continue the efforts of resuscitation. At 7:30 pm Trayvon Martin was pronounced dead. On the night of February 26th, 2012 Gorge Zimmerman, on patrol for the neighborhood watch, pursued Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old African American teenager, because he felt that he looked like a “real suspicious guy”. Several minutes later an altercation took place between the two and Trayvon Martin, armed with an Arizona tea and bag of skittles, was shot and killed by Zimmerman. This controversial case ignited a series of violent protests and created the black lives matter movement. The shooting of Trayvon Martin is one of the most famous cases of vigilantism. Had George Zimmerman listened to directions of the first respondent and remained in his vehicle instead of pursuing Trayvon the whole situation could have easily been avoided, and the life of an innocent teenager would not have been taken. Vigilantism has a negative impact on society, it has the potential to take lives in the pursuit of false justice and it is also extremely biased. There have been many cases in which innocent people are murdered due to false accusations or misconduct by
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