Negative Effects Of Violence In Hockey

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Violence has always been an intrinsic element in contributing to the popularity of men’s professional hockey. However, violence in the game of hockey does not stem from the individual themselves but from the influence of society. Throughout this paper I argue that although violence in men’s hockey appears to be systemic to the players of the game, societal gender stereotypes and spectator expectations also contribute towards inciting violence in the sport. From various scholarly articles, I reveal that societal standards placed upon men in the professional hockey league obligates them to maintain an image of masculinity, inevitably leading towards violence on the rink. In addition, spectators generate violence in the sport through placing most of their interests on the brutality between players, further increasing the pressure for men to deliver under such expectations. I argue that ultimately an incentive to change the violent nature of the hockey culture should be implemented. Through educating younger players on the negative effects of violence in hockey at a greater social context, long term change can eventually be established.
Present society has cultivated gender ideologies, such that the distinction between masculinity and femininity has been defined through social construction. From birth to childhood, gender norms are learned from what our parents teach us, what is taught in school, and what is depicted in the media. In the sport of hockey, a majority of these
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