Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games

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At a young age, the brain is only developing by learning and applying it to their everyday life. Life styles are reinforced by what is taught to a young child, therefore, the daily presence of violent video games may harm their young minds. Many studies show multiple experiments from young children, to older men on the topic of violent video games. Researches say that violent video games do affect the brain, physically and changes a person emotionally as well.
In the article “Violence, Crime and Violent video games: Is there a correlation?” Gael Founis states that “data showed an increase in aggressive moods or thoughts and hostility after playing violent video games and suggested impairment of prosocial behavior.” After many experiement ideas, the statement shows true meaning when the results of 44 healthy adolescents who played violent video games and demonstrated a lack of functioning brain directed in the frontal lobes. This part of the brain included inhibition, concentration and self- control. There is a difference of brains between teens who play violent video game and those who do not.
Dr. Mathews, a professor of radiology at the university stated that the group that played the nonviolent game showed more activation in the frontal lobes. Those who choose to play violent video games will imitate the characters and actions of the games. This is proven by the theory that partcipants must make decisions for the character in the game, which shows that the person makes
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