Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games

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Brett Gilgus
13 September, 2017
Writing Assignment #1
Violent video games in particular are extremely popular in the United States. Many of these games are designed for adults but wind up in the hands of children. We have to ask ourselves what impact violent video games have on the adolescent brain. Two lawyers debate in the Case of Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants Association, US Supreme Court (2010). Prosecutor Steven F. Gruel argues that there is a substantial amount of evidence to make the conclusion that violent video games cause adolescents to act in a violent manner (Gantt and Silfe). Defense Attorney Patricia A. Millett argued that the evidence claimed by Gruel is inconclusive, and his claims are false.
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The study consist of roughly 600 8th and 9th grade students. The student were asked to complete a survey on what video games they played and how violent they were. Gentile concluded that teenagers that exposed themselves to larger amounts of video game violence are more likely to get in fights with teachers, have poor grades, and bully their peers. However, “California states that the survey ‘suggest[s] a causal connection between playing violent video games and aggressive behavior.’ It does no such thing. The survey makes absolutely no finding that exposure to violent video games leads to physical aggression. To the contrary, it explicitly cautions against making that inference: ‘It is important to note . . . that this study is limited by its correlational nature. Inferences about causal direction should be viewed with caution’”(Gantt and Silfe). Gentile’s study failed to even consider other outside factors, like a troubled home life or pre-existing mental disorders so it’s conclusion that there is a “correlation between video games and third-party hostility to third parties lacks scientific grounding” (Gantt and Silfe).
The second study the prosecution points to is a study of 130 college students by Craig Anderson. He measured students’ blood pressure before, during, and after playing violent video games. He then had the students participate in a word test after playing the game. From the results, Anderson concluded that blood pressure increased during these
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