Negative Effects Of Weight In College

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Losing weight seems like one of the hardest things in the world to do, but gaining it is effortless. It is normal to put on pounds in college, no matter how hard students try to keep it from happening. Anyone I ask reports the same result of having gained weight in the first year of college. Student weight gain has become so popular that the phrase “freshman fifteen” stemmed from it because college freshman gain an apparent fifteen pounds in one year. Fifteen pounds is not an accurate number, however. It is really an exaggeration of the actual amount weight gained. Nonetheless, pounds are put on and something must be done to stop it. Students need to take responsibility for their own actions. What they do, eat, or drink can have a large impact on their weight. Colleges should also work with students and within themselves to promote a change in the aspects of the college environment that contribute to added pounds. Even if it is not fifteen pounds, any weight gained has a negative effect towards health and unhealthy habits developed in college could be hard to break when college ends. Teaching students and colleges how to promote a healthy lifestyle now will continue these beneficial habits in the future for both the college and the student. The freshman fifteen is used to describe the weight students put on during their first year in college, supposedly as much as fifteen pounds. It is true that students do gain weight, but it is usually not nearly fifteen pounds. Studies
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