Negative Effects On Aboriginal Children

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The Indigenous peoples of Canada have suffered many repercussions of colonization that are still prominently reverberating through today’s society. The Aboriginal youth are suffering the consequences and are perpetuating the ongoing vicious cycle. The loss of culture and native language among the various Indigenous communities has had, and is continuing to have disastrous effects. The abundant abuse of alcohol and drugs, higher rates of suicide and homelessness, and the lower education levels are some of the main ways these youths are being affected. The Indigenous youth that are in foster care represent an even larger number of these people. These negatives continue to propagate the damaging and destructive stereotypes already in place while making it difficult for the Indigenous youth to break free of this cycle and obtain a better future. There is a staggering higher number of Aboriginal youth in the foster system than any other background. Aboriginal children accounted for 7% of all children in Canada but almost one-half (48%) of all foster children. (Statistics Canada, 11 Aug. 2016) Due to the large number of Aboriginal children in foster care and the lower availability of Aboriginal foster parents, many of these youths are placed either in homes held by non-Indigenous or in large group homes. Among the First Nations foster children…54% lived with non-Aboriginal foster parents. (Statistics Canada, 11 Aug. 2016) Neither of these environments allow for the development
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