Negative Effects of Arranged Marriage

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According to the 2010 Census of India, there are 236,772,617 females married. 40 percent of these women are in ages between 25 and 29. And, 85 percent of these marriages are arranged. In arranged marriage there is no dating, premarital sex, living together, or even physical interaction. Sheela, J. an expert for the United Nations writes that “according to the Hindu Dharma sutras, the father should give away his daughter while she still nagnika (naked)”.” This means that as soon as the parents of the eligible man is ready to get marry, his parents look for a family of the same religion, caste, social status and class with a daughter that could fit the requirements of the family. Sheela also explains the significance of the dowry in…show more content…
Sometimes women are treated like slaves and being punished for not doing their domestic work on time. David Masci writes in the “Emerging India” article for the CQ Researcher, that “the most common reason why Indian women suffer from domestic violence is that meal are not being prepared on time”. According a United Nations survey in 2002, 65.3 percent of Indian women have been subjected to some form of domestic violence. The way women are treated in India is being notice by some brave women that go out to the streets to protest and show that women are not objects. Some of these protest put women under different perspective under the eyes of Indian population. These women are not to be seeing as courageous victims coming out of their violent environment, but big percentages see them as ridiculous and shameless. Domestic violence is a big issue in India. Marital rape, dowry deaths, and sex selective abortions are a few ways how women are being abuse. Sexual violence or marital rape is still regarded as a taboo issue. Kriti Madan writes about the forms of marital rape in India, “marital rape is the most common and repugnant form of masochism in Indian society, it is hidden behind iron curtain of marriage.” Madan writes about the various types of marital violence and how Indian culture accepts these behaviors as normal in marriage. According to Wolpert, “the Hindu culture believes that having intercourse with one’s wife for any reason other than procreation
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