Negative Effects of Cell Phone of Society

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Steve Sheridan
Professor Simakowicz
1st Draft Paper
13 April 2010
“Do Cell Phones Help or Hinder Society?”
Times have changed tremendously in the last twenty five years in regards to how the world communicates with each other. The birth of new technology such as cell phones with internet capability, laptop computers, and even the recently released I-Pad has made communication with anyone outside of talking distance immediately accessible. Even though to many people this seems like a movement in the right direction for the future of the world, there are still people who hold firm on the idea that communicating with people face to face is much better for society. Teenagers today use cell phones much more than any other age group, but they
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People today literally do not get enough personal interactions during the day due to the fact that everyone they talk to is on their cell phone. This is a problem because average conversations with people are becoming increasingly more awkward and people simply do not know how to talk to each other. It is a fact that people even use their cell phones in order to make them feel better in awkward social situations. If a person is walking through a crowded social place and they are alone, they even fake that they are on the phone so they do not put themselves into social situations that make them feel awkward. This fact is enough for anyone to realize that cell phones have negatively affected how people communicate with each other and how they build relationships. The last and most important negative factor that cell phones have and everybody seems to take part in, is text messaging. There was at first instant messenger on computers which required the person to be online and at the computer to talk to others who are also online. Cell phone companies have taken that idea and turned instant messenger into a never ending spectrum. Texters send messages at all times of the day, and the worst part about it is that you can be literally anywhere to send or receive a message. In light of this global problem, Louisa Burgess wrote an article describing the horrible effects that cell phones have on society. She says, “it's so impersonal. Unfortunately, some people carry it to
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