Negative Effects of Facebook in Romantic Relationships

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Some other people just get a Facebook account to feel more connected to their friends and to people in general. Sense of belongingness to an individual is an obvious psychological need, yet more so when a person is always working with little time for socializing and to get together with friends. With this in mind, tweeting on Twitter, posting our whereabouts last night on Facebook to provoke attention from friends and acquaintances, and mentioning relationship statuses and changes in it (single, in a relationship, its complicated, married, etc.) brings about a sort of psychological satisfaction in us (Cravens, Leckie, & Whiting, 2013, P. 75). Others just use Facebook to pass the time when there is time to kill from boredom (Cravens, Leckie, & Whiting, 2013, P. 75). However, the same medicine for sense of belongingness or boredom can become a worst enemy to people in romantic relationships and even to wedded couples. For example, sending inappropriate texts or messages to a person of the opposite sex or receiving them can make another partner jealous and distrustful of his or her partner (Cravens, Leckie, & Whiting, 2013, P. 81). This paper endeavors to find what are the major effects that Facebook and its messaging and text tools have on heterosexual romantic relationships and marriage couples in the United States.…
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