Negative Effects of Hip-Hop

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| The Negative Effects of Hip-Hop |
Malachi Norman English 101April 8, 2013Professor Stayton MWF 9:00 am |

From the beats to the lyrics, the current generation of youth is engrossed in hip-hop culture, tending to idolize the artist behind the songs. Since the 1970s, hip-hop has influenced American culture tremendously. In the past, hip-hop held a central focus around inequality, empowerment and overcoming hardships. Today, hip-hop talks more about sex, money, a male dominant social standing, and drugs. Hip-hop, from then to now, has drifted to the darker side of the social spectrum. The majority of today’s youth were subconsciously thrust into a time when the darkness of hip-hop was nearing its climax. Young African American males
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The communication skills are not as strong today because of the influence of hip-hop. Hip-hop music is known for containing a great deal of slang. A slang word is a word that many people associate with poor grammar and questionable diction. What most of us do not realize is how much slang is used in day-to-day life. It is simply considered a part of normal and accepted language. It has a negative effect on our young black males because they tend to learn slang before starting kindergarten, which contributes to the illiteracy of black people. The same people, who learn slang before learning proper English, begin incorporating slang into communications with other people, essentially deflecting from improving society’s view about black people. Hip-hop music uses a variety of slang terms that change as hip-hop evolves and changes. Much of its lexicon is drawn from African-American vernacular English. Hip-hop slang gives ordinary words new meanings. Harlem rapper Lamont Coleman (stage name Big L) released a song on his posthumous album "The Big Picture" entitled "Ebonics". In this song, Big L goes through various hip-hop slang terms and gives their proper meanings. Yo, yo A burglary is a jook, a wolf 's a crook Mobb Deep already explained the meanin ' of shook If you caught a felony, you caught a F If you got killed, you got left If you got the dragon, you got bad breath If you 7:30, that mean you crazy Hit me on the hip means page me
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