Essay about Negative Effects of Media Violence on Children

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Americans have felt a growing uneasiness from the growing problem of youth violence with teens from the ages of twelve to eighteen. It is a controversial subject that is an increasingly rising with families and the in the government. Some people believe that the reason behind this national problem is because families are no longer a united unit and are not home to take responsibility of watching their children. There are others who believe that it is the influence of the media and technology. The issue this paper will examine whether youth violence has risen from unattached parenting or because the lack of censorship and influence of the media. Through the presentation of documented support, it will be shown the rising rate…show more content…
in Benedict 2). Youth violence is an overwhelming problem as realization occurs on the horrifying fact that children are killing other children. Sixteen year old honor student Derrion Albert from Chicago was attacked on his way to school at the bus stop. A mob of teens attacked him and clubbed him in the head with a piece of wood, pushed him down and stomped on him. The beating was fatal and five suspects were charged ranging from ages 14 to 19. And this was all recorded on video with a cell phone (Billitteri 1). Attorney General Eric Holder said about Albert’s murder “Youth violence isn't a Chicago problem, any more than it is a black problem or a white problem. It's something that affects communities big and small, and people of all races and colors” (qtd. in Billitteri 1). Education Secretary Richard R. Riley also adds that on average 16,000 violent crimes or thefts occur near or on a school campus every day (“As Youth Violence” n. pag.). In Louis Harris’s poll for Harvard University School of Public Health shares the facts of 1 in every 10 children ages 10 to 19 say that they have been shot or have fired a gun at someone else. Forty percent knew someone who was injured or killed in gunfire. And another 59 percent said that they have easy accesses to a gun (“As Youth Violence” n. pag.).
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