Negative Effects of Racial Discrimination

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America is the country where people immigrate to in order for them to live out their dream. The “American dream” is something that everyone believes they can accomplish, but is that really the case? America is one of the most developed and industrialized countries in the world, but we are not perfect by any means. America was founded on opportunity, and that is why many African American’s, Middle Easterners, and Hispanics have immigrated to this country. They did not know about the discrimination in this country though, when they moved here. Is it really possible for African American’s and Hispanics to live the “American dream” if they are discriminated against in the workplace, and many other places? Although America is doing a lot to…show more content…
This means that you are shaped, in a way, by the world around you. Your parents have the biggest role, but TV shows, media and commercials all play a part too. When you are growing up, you think that what is on TV has to be true. For example, when I was in elementary school, I watched shows that involved kids in high school. I thought high school would be exactly like what I saw on TV, but it definitely was not. This is just like if you watch a TV show when you are growing up that has an African American as the “bad guy,” you are more likely to associate African American’s with crimes. Another factor that contributes to discrimination is social conformity. There is this pressure in our culture to conform, to our family or our friends’ views. Agreeing with the prejudices and other beliefs that your family believes in can even bring support from family members or friends in other areas. The third factor that can contribute to discrimination is ethnocentrism. This is the judgment of another culture based off of the beliefs of your own culture. This also involves being suspicious of outsiders who come in to your culture, which can cause you to discriminate against them. The fourth factor is economic competition. By this, I mean that when you are competing with someone for a job, or promotion in a company, you will judge the person who you are up against. Bosses of companies also may do this when hiring a new person, if they have two people of two different skin colors
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