Essay on Negative Effects of Stress

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Effects of Stress Everyone experiences stress daily. It may not be as evident in some people as it is in othesr, but that is due to the severity of the stress and how well an individual can cope with stress. High levels of stress cause an individual’s personality to change in that when one is stressed out, that person cannot stop thinking about situations or feelings which in turn causes mood swings, depression and insomnia. Mood swings associated with stress are due to the lack of tolerance for any given subject. According to Native remedies, mood swings only suggest that something is out of balance or physically wrong (n.d). When an individual is stresses they always have something on their mind and they are always thinking about…show more content…
A common state one may snap into is depression. Depression is usually caused by something negative that has occurred in an individual’s life. Some events that can cause depression are death, loss of job or even a relationship breakup. (, n.d) These are all events that cause the individual to think about either that present event or to think about events in the past that were difficult to overcome. This stage of thinking is a catalyst for depression. All these thoughts will cause the individual to feel sorry for themselves and fall into the state of depression. Stress is a big factor for the cause of depression because it forces on to think about difficult decisions they have faced or are currently facing. In addition to depression, stress is also a major factor with insomnia. Insomnia, which is the inability to sleep, is the most common effect of stress. Insomnia is or will be experienced by one third of today’s population at some point in their lives. (Health- Concern Staff Writer, n.d.). Insomnia is usually caused when one cannot stop thinking. An individual will attempt to fall asleep but will be unable to due to all the thoughts racing through their mind which is usually caused by stress. Therefore, insomnia is a stress induced symptom that most of the population will experience due to the incapability to allow the mind to relax. Stress is emotional and physical tensions which takes a toll on an individual’s
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