Essay about Negative Effects of Technology Outweigh the Positive

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In today's society there is no escape from technology. We are completely submerged in our iPhone, ipads, computers, and gaming systems. These gadgets give us the opportunity to be connected to each other and the rest of the world at all times. But, this is not a glorious step in history. Technology blinds us from the real world. As John Tudor said, “Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except technology.” We may run our lives with the help of our iPhones and computers, but do these forms of technology in turn control us? At first glance these new advances are greater steps to making our lives easier. But, when examined closely a large portion of technology is the cause of many problems in our society.…show more content…
If this boy is the example of the affect video gaming has on children and teens of the world today then we must take a stand and eliminate the problem. Parents must limit or completely get rid of gaming and expose their kids to the real world. In the past few years cell phones have become an object of need rather than want. Everywhere you look people are on their cell phone either texting, calling, ‘facebooking,’ or emailing. The cell phone is the smallest most convenient connection that nearly everyone has. The idea, of course, is fantastic.The ability to communicate wire-free from anywhere is perfect. Cell phones have their advantages, like most digital devices. Parents have the luxury of calling up their children to know that they are safe, but, what are the consequences of that cell phone? Cell phones were the result of 21percent of fatal car accidents involving teens each year (Car). Texting and driving accidents have become something we hear about frequently. A new teen driver was out with friends and while driving home his phone buzzed in the cup holder. It was a friend with plans for the next night. Naive to the consequences he flips open his phone, reads the message, and begins to respond. As he types the first few letters to his response he races through a red light. He is hit in the driver side door and is killed instantly because of one simple text. Is there any message
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