Negative Essay On Vegetarians

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Life is a choice that isn’t easy to make. And in the world there are supporters and opponents, but every side have specific points of view that make them think they are better and thus are right. One day people and nutritionists debated of being vegetarian.Vegetarians claim that their way of life is healthier and better than normal people by claiming that their plant based diet gives them more activity and energy, no harm is done to any animal in the process and it is just as good as the normal diet.Over the years many nutritionists and doctors put a healthy diet system that is said if followed will guarantee the follower a long and healthy life free of most of the viruses and diseases, one of those diet styles is being a vegetarian, but although many people now are vegetarians there are many opposing ideologies that think that this isn’t good for a person and may cause deficiencies. Vegetarians say that being a vegetarian is better than having normal diet as it is only plant based, according to the American Dietetic Association, a vegetarian diet can meet protein requirements, provide all the essential amino-acids (the building blocks of protein), and improve health. It can also provide all the necessary vitamins, fats, and minerals, and can improve one’s health. According to the USDA and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, meat is not an essential part of a healthy diet. Also, vegetarians believe that being a vegetarian is better as no animals
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