Negative Experience In My Life

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With love and family comes heartbreak and sorrow. Certain individuals will let agonizing situations define them, and others will persevere and find the qualities of life that remain bright. In the past sixteen years of my life, I have experienced both dejection and elation; however, in my mind, those moments of loss have left the most prominent scars behind. Through the initial negative experience, knowledge and appreciation for life was gained. In order for this story to make sense, I have to start from the beginning. Growing up, my older sister, Alisha, and I were raised by our mom and step-dad. We had a loving home and never seemed to need anything more. But as my sister and I grew, we started to get more and more curious in regard to our biological father. We knew that he was in prison, but never understood what for. Our mom was not comfortable speaking to us about him, so every time we asked, she replied with,” I will tell you when you’re older.” Trust me, the irritation was real. Once a month we would receive phone calls from our dad at the prison, leading up until the year 2013. After seven years and two visitations, he finally got released from jail in the month of November. Alisha and I were overwhelmed with joy and couldn’t wait to see him; however, my opinion of him soon changed. We got out to where he lived with his parents in Royal Oak, Michigan, and I realized that his personality was severely flawed. I still remember transparently the moment I came to
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