Negative Impact Of Manipulating Human Genetics

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Negative Impact of Manipulating Human Genetics

Twenty five years ago Genetic Engineering was a scene from an unrealistic invention on a scene from a science fiction movie. However, recent scientific advancements, genetic engineering, is becoming more of a reality rather than a fantasy. Genetic Engineering was once an actually impractical thought, today it is a prominent issue around the world. The most controversial subject of genetic engineering deals with the impact that manipulation of humans will have on earth. Genetic engineering of humans will negatively affect the world in the following ways; social issues, violation of human rights, discrimination, religious objections and medical concerns.
Parents want what is best for their children, but oftentimes, with the social pressures to be perfect, feel as though their child must fit in to the qualifications of society 's view of perfection, influencing the development of their child. Genetic engineering is damaging to society because as more and more parents turn to science to create a child that will be seemingly flawless, other members of the general public who may have a disease, begin to feel exiled or looked down upon. Opting to use genetic screening to make sure your child is disease ridden disrespects those individuals who are living their lives each day with it (Lee). Lee supports the idea that "the actions taken by those who choose to screen to avoid affected pregnancies are taken as an assault on what it
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