Negative Impact Of Reconstruction

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There are different perspectives on the history of Reconstruction; some people believe that rebuilding the South during the period of 1865 to 1877 was a very important stage in the United States history because it was the start of American Society as a home of freedom. However, others view Reconstruction as a negative impact on African Americans. Ronald E. Butchart sees Reconstruction as the main reason for educational discrimination against African Americans. Reconstruction in the South helped African Americans in good ways, such as giving them the freedom they deserved. Like anything else, Reconstruction in the South had purposes, achievements, and failures. The main purpose for Reconstruction in the South was to restore the south to the union. Reconstruction succeeded in many different aspects such as the Enforcement Act of 1870. Along with succeeding, Reconstruction in the south had some failures including the Jim Crow Laws, which affected the African Americans. This paper will talk more thoroughly about each of these points that occurred while reconstructing the South and how each point helped the African Americans during this time period. To start, according to the book The Era of Reconstruction, 1863-1877 by Forrest G. Wood, “The issue of Reconstruction did not suddenly appear in 1865 or 1867.” Reconstruction in the South happened because the government wanted to allow the Southern states back into the union. Andrew Johnson, the president during the period of the
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