Negative Impact Of Technology

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The Negative Impacts of Technology Technology is always continually advancing. The impact that technology has had on individuals and on society is negative. This negative impact is driven by technology’s ability to worsen social interaction and provide a source of constant distraction. Technology worsens social interactions by taking away real communication and relationship boundaries. With the rise in popularity of phones and social media, people are having less real communication. In Glennon Doyle Melton’s essay, “6 Reasons Social Media is Dangerous for Me,” she writes, “The students were hanging around in awkward circles, trying to get noticed or trying not to get noticed, just like we did in high school. But we noticed with sadness one major difference. EVERY KID WE SAW WAS on her phone” (3). Everyone is paying more attention and occupied with their gadgets instead of to actual people such as their family and friends. Technology is used by people as an avoidance strategy. People may be comfortable chatting online, but not face-to-face. When chatting online, people are unable to express themselves using body language, tone, or voice. It is clear that children will not know how to read basic social cues or engage in “small talk” as a result of technology. This causes them to not be able to gain crucial social skills needed for graceful social interactions. Technology also creates a lack of relationship boundaries in today’s youth. With the accessibility of
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