Negative Impact On Smartphones

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SMARTPHONES: Analysis of Impact Draft Smartphones have changed our world completely and is now commonly being used by many users such as students, businesses, employees, and other people in different ages worldwide. It became one of the most essential and powerful tools nowadays because it makes our work a lot easier which helps us work efficiently and in the most convenient way. Smartphones and other mobile devices have become really handy and turned out to be one of the most needed gadget to have these days. There are plenty of reasons why mobile phones are powerful tool. First, it provides users with various types of information at anytime in any part of the world or wherever they are. Second, it enables its user to access different content on the web via internet using social network services and let them communicate through live stream video via Skype and other video enabled applications. Third, you can work over the phone using Google Suites and Microsoft office applications. It makes people’s job a lot easier by completing their work over the phone using Words, Powerpoint, Microsoft Access, and many others. Fourth, they installed alternative technologies on the smartphone that enables people access other content such as geographic positioning system or GPS maps, play music using bluetooth enabled device, take pictures, watch movies, play thier favorite games and much more. However, due to the multi-purpose and advancement of all these technological devices,
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