Negative Impact On Social Media

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Having social media platform changes privacy into public, no matter how private you may try to be. Social media changes everyday no matter the platform. It could be face book, twitter, instagram, or snap chat. The biggest non privacy platform is Face Book. Many people has gotten so use to posting their daily life on social media that it never dons to them that they have no privacy. When people are getting ready to post a “status” or a picture they don’t stop and think about what it is that there posting or take a moment and think like “do I really want the world to know this about me” or “is this picture appropriate for the internet”. Being is okay sometimes for certain things, but everyone needs a little privacy weather it’s safety or something as little as sharing your location. Many people take to instagram and post inappropriate pictures or private pictures like money and things they may do to make their money. They don’t think about the “friends” or “followers” or just anyone in general of who may be watching. Social media today isn’t just a way to tell the world your business, but also one of the biggest ways to get “caught up” if you may be doing anything wrong. On social media people would do anything to be in someone else’s business, they go as far as making fake pages and it’s really the law enforcement “following” or your “friend” on social media.
Privacy is not appreciated until everyone is in your business. People instantly share updates on their lives with

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