Negative Impacts Of Deforestation

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Impacts of Deforestation
Deforestation is the clearing of wide areas of forests for the purpose of using the land or the resources in the area. Two highly demanding products that are causing deforestation around the world are palm oil and cocoa. However, in the process of growing these products trees are removed from the area in order to be converted into palm and cocoa plantations. As a result, many animal habitats are ruined, and an abundance of trees are cut releasing carbon dioxide into the air contributing to climate change. Increased demand for products containing ingredients such as palm oil and cocoa are just two of the reasons the rate of deforestation is escalating resulting in the exploitation of animal habitats and worsening the effects of climate change. Many small countries main income is through exporting agricultural products. Therefore, as demand increases countries will do whatever they need to do to meet the demand. Often, corners are cut, and there are many negative consequences. Palm oil is an ingredient that is found in many consumer products that are on the market. Companies should be held responsible for where the ingredients of their products come from and should be held accountable to source products such as palm oil in a sustainable way which does not contribute to deforestation (Larsson). Many areas are currently cutting down trees in order to convert the land into palm oil plantations. One example would be in the Borneo rainforest. Naomi
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