Negative Impacts of Radiation: A Questionnaire

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Question 1. Word of mouth is in many cases important in shaping people's opinions concerning a particular matter. My cousin Pauline's fear that she is going to suffer as a result of operating the microwave is the perfect example concerning this. The fact that she came by this information through unverified sources did not prevent her from expressing hesitation toward operating the microwave. However, if Pauline was to consult more scholarly sources (Microwaves), she would have realized that while microwaves emit radiation, this form of radiation is not actually the DNA-altering radiation that the masses are accustomed to fearing. In contrast to microwaves, UV radiation emitted by tanning beds and neutron radiation emitted by power plant explosions are much more dangerous and can cause a multitude of forms of cancer as a result of damaging DNA structures. Question 2. Pictures taken using thermographic cameras are the result of thermal imaging being able to emphasize the fact that bodies emit mid and far infrared light. One can use such imaging techniques in cold areas in order to see how heat leaks out of houses and thus improve insulation. Infrared radiation is practically represented by electromagnetic radiation that has longer wavelengths than visible light. However, wavelengths in infrared radiation are shorter than radio waves. X-Rays have short wavelength radiation and this means that they are much more dangerous than infrared radiation, as the latter involves

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