Negative Influence Of Barbie

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I feel like barbie is a detrimental object to young girls and should have never been created because she gives off a negative influence on young girls. I conclude that barbie is a negative influence because of the way she dresses, I say that due to the fact she wears skirts, shirts that show cleavage and her body type is skinny. Mattel states in the copyrighted version of the Barbie sticker album that “the shape of the doll, its clothes and the focus on dating activities presents sexual attractiveness as a key to popularity.” This evidence brings me to my conclusion that barbie is in fact a negative influence because she is presenting young girls with sexual images and leaving them with the impression that they can do, wear whatever they want and think they are better than everyone else. For example, Kim Kardashian acts the way she does because she had barbie as young girl. Growing up as a kid I watched a bunch of cartoons but the one show that affected me the most was Scooby Doo, it had a very positive effect on me growing up because it taught me how to work together as a team, never give up on anything and to do the right things because when you don’t there will be consequences to pay. I recommend this TV show to all children because it will positively influence them in their life growing up in this cold world. Scooby doo taught me how to work together as a team because when the gang would be trying to solve mysteries they would have to team up to catch the bad guy,
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