Negative Leadership Behavior Essay

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For my example of a negative leadership behavior I have encountered, I am going to use an example from my current position, and will therefore mask certain details to protect all involved. However, I assure you the pertinent facts are here and are not embellished.
The experience: Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint just one example, as this has been an ongoing problem for me. In a nutshell, my direct supervisor, who has a reactive personality, has a tendency to view all situations with an attitude of “how does this make me look good or bad,” or “why should I have to deal with this.” A situation will arise, namely someone requesting funds from our office, and her response will be to fly off the handle when I ask her how I should respond.
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This does nothing to build my confidence. It also is in violation of a majority of the “JJ did tie buckle” traits of a good leader. (Clark, Big Dog & Little Dog's Performance Juxtaposition), most specifically justice, judgment, dependability, tact, integrity, unselfishness, courage, and loyalty. You may note that I wrote “(seemingly) obligatory” above. This is because her statements don’t ring true in relation to her behavior. This makes me call into question an additional “JJ did tie buckle” trait: honesty.
Additionally, her use of legitimate and expert powers, without referent power, actually makes me call into question the reality of her reward power (helping me achieve my goals). I have to wonder what she is thinking when her message clearly does not set an example, or establish esprit de corps, but she speaks frequently of her leadership skills as being obvious and something to emulate.
Recommendation for strengthening leadership behavior: In this instance, I must say she would do well to remember that a key factor of leadership is communication (Clark, Big Dog & Little Dog's Performance Juxtapostion). Communication can not only build a relationship, but also undermine it. In the examples
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