Negative Leadership in the Workforce

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Negative Leadership in the Workforce Opening The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Leadership as the power or ability to lead other people. However, a person’s power or leadership ability can be influenced by different factors. These factors range from something as simple as the mood the leader is in that day to the culture the leader grew up in. These factors can trigger either positive or negative behavior in both the leader and/or their team members. These factors may also affect the leader for a short while or may cause lasting effects on their leadership style. Either way it is important for the leader to work through any factors that may negatively affect his or her ability to lead a group. The Experience Working within the…show more content…
Todd felt that the best team member was one with the same personality. Eventually, his pursuits to turn me into an extrovert failed and caused me to distrust his abilities to lead. During my time on Todd’s team as a Claim Processor we also experiences the department’s first restructuring. Todd was pleased; as he had been there for forty years already, he was looking for to the early retirement that the company was offering him. However, being much younger the team members and I were all worried about our jobs and looking to Todd to guide us through the restructuring. There was several times in which we were not notified of requirements needed to maintain our position within our department. Luckily, other team managers realized the lack of communication provided us with the information to allow us to maintain our position in the department. Analysis During my time on Todd’s team, I experienced many forms of negative leadership, some that were obvious, and some that were not. Some of the forms of negative leadership included lack of communication, lack of involvement, and closed minded regarding differences. While the first experience of the difference in personalities is what initially caused me to distrust Todd’s leadership abilities, the rest of the experiences were equally negative. The
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