Negative Long term Effects of Advertising

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Advertisements are a way to promote sales of a product or service through visual communication. Magazine covers, advertisements or any publication embed a set of ideologies. O’Shaughnessy and Standler describe ideologies as “sets of social values, ideas, beliefs, feelings and representations by which people collectively make sense of the world they live in” (2012; 174). Ideologies try to “manipulate people into buying a way of life as well as goods” (Dyer, 1982:5). Adverts such as the Pravda vodka example above, which appeared in the January 2014 issue of GLAMOUR magazine add relevance to a product whether it’s a certain trend, desire or mutual value in order for the product to become a highly favoured commodity. Glamour magazine is popular amoungst young women of all races who are middle class citizens. This specific advert was used to introduce Pravda’s new vodka range aimed at women. It communicates ideologies of feminism, class, leisure, night life and enjoyment. The purpose of this essay is to use semiology to analyse the attached article. The Advertiser, “should do more than just label or identify the product; it should also bring flattering associations to mind, associations which will help to sell it.”(Dyer, 1982:141) and that is where semiology comes into play. Semiology is the study of signs and sign systems (O’Shaughnessy & Standler, 2012). The history of semiology is further explained and the main cause of intercession: Semiology originated at the end of the
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