Negative Side Of Sweatshops

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Colin Buckley Thibodeau English 12 May 15th,2017 Although sweatshops get a bad name for their conditions, it has been shown and documented that sweatshops actually benefit people by occupying them with jobs they wouldn't get anywhere else, as well as help boost the economy. Sweatshops have been known to boost economies in areas where poverty is an issue.They offer jobs and shelter from the streets. When someone hears the word sweatshop they think of child labor, Most people are too focused on the negative side of sweatshops that they can’t see the side that benefits and aids the people of its surroundings. In the grand scheme of things, The good of sweatshops outweighs the bad. Even though the positive side of sweatshops outweighs the negative side, their is still an opposing opinion that many people stand by. They stand on the side regarding sweatshops, the working conditions they provide and that they should be outlawed. In the article titled “Crammed into squalid factories to produce clothes for the West on just 20p a day, the children forced to work in horrific unregulated workshops of Bangladesh”, Photographer Claudio Montesano Casillas, documents the horrible yet intriguing conditions of a “Garment Sweatshop” in Bangladesh. She states that they produce clothes on just 20P a day, and are forced to work in horribly unsafe conditions. From this article, you can tell that Casillas is not for sweatshops. Most of the children in the factory, do not have the
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