Negative Social Media

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Have you ever wondered how life would be without social media? Would we be able to maintain communications with family, friends, and co-workers? Without social media, how could we impact the world and influence people? Would it be possible to unite people in times of need? There are many questions about what kind of impact social media has on the world. People are always trying to assess the impact of social media on society. “Social media remains new enough to receive credit and blame for a lot of things- good and bad- that are frequently overblown” (Lowrey). I’m arguing that social media makes a positive change on the world, because it connects people together, enables influence, and helps unite people in times of need. Social media…show more content…
The seller is a woman that has the same interests as him and they go out and as months pass they get married and have children. Imagine how one person’s life would have been different if it wasn’t for social media being in his life; he probably wouldn’t have met the mother of his children. “Social media is a peer to peer medium, as some people might say, meaning that the audience for social media publications tends to relate to one another as equals for purposes of communication and sharing information” (Blossom 31). Everyone has something that they can relate to someone else with, whether its pop culture, politics, or religion. Social media connects people with similar interests and provides a place to share ideas. Chat rooms, internet forum websites like Reddit, and videos on YouTube are all examples of social media where people organize and communicate on a variety of topics. Social media enables influence. We all have someone we look up to, whether it is a musician, actor, author, or sometimes even someone we are related to. These “idols” are what inspire and influence us to make good decisions, as well as bad, if not chosen wisely. These influential people can affect change, if they can effectively use social media to communicate their message. With technology evolving constantly, social media is more widespread and can reach a larger audience. “Because its delivered on highly scalable technology, the exact scope of social media’s influence can be
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