Negative Views Of Senior Management

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Problem Statement Recently, there has been some restructuring made in our organization, resulting in many negative views of Senior Management. Important and positions were eliminated, such as Assistant Team Leads, Directions, and even our Chief Financial Officer. Among those positions, there were several others deem as unnecessary support staff that we also eliminated. Shortly after, our Human Resources Manager voluntarily left. Additionally, many full-time team employees were let go, leaving a feeling of uncertainty and fear for jobs throughout the remaining employees. Many of the remaining employees were left with the mentality of “Who is next to go?” This wouldn’t be that large of a problem, however, these individuals have not been replaced, over six months later. It is evident that these staffing issues are causing strain across all levels of the organization. Before this major restructuring the company had close to 200 employees. All departments were affected by the layoffs, and the company reduced to around 130 and the number has steadily declined in the last 6 months to level out at about 100. Internally, the approximate 50% decline of workforce has had a significant impact on remaining employees. It has disrupted the everyday work functions for those individuals. In addition to feeling survivor’s guilt after such a large and sudden layoff, it has also left employees feeling very angry. Some have turned to social media options or other sites such as Glass Door to
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