Negative effects of YouTube

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Negative effects of YouTube YouTube is a fast growing community of videos and blogs. Its impact on the world has been both positive and negative from going to an informational non harmful video quickly escalates to animal cruelty videos. The negative effects of YouTube and all that comes with it from violence, hurtful thing, and cruelty, the list goes on as highly negative effects. The negative effects on Animals that YouTube is now a part of has gone up in numbers, to amuse viewers pointed out in the article “Shelton Shrunk Tale Shows negative effects of trash” The Author Pamela McLoughin states that “suffrage of the animals causes amusement and humor to the audience of YouTubers” this article and quote proves the fact that you tube has its negative effects. In the same article “Shelton Shrunk Tale Shows negative effects of trash” the author says “while the poor shunk could not get free from the card board it suffered and instead of helping the shunk people would record it and post it on YouTube for amusement” This shows not only the negative impact of YouTube but also the how much people would rather just watch and laugh at a suffering animals than helping it. People get amassment from suffering and pain such action is turning us into a heartless culture instead of helping the innocent. In the Article “Shelton Shrunk Tale Shows negative effects of trash” the author informs us about the curtly but saying “There’s animals cannot do anything but make a fool of themselves
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