Negatives And Negatives Of Print

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The future of print communication lies within the direction of where print media is currently heading, digital. With that being said, print will never die; there will always be people who want to physically hold a book, a magazine, or a newspaper. Although it is not presumptuous to assume that the amount of print will decrease, it will however continue to live for decades to come. Print history will always have a crucial aspect in the linear advancements of technology. There are many ways to look at what print is used for in our everyday lives, for one, we read it on a regular basis whether it’s a newspaper, a magazine, a novel, packaging or a map. Everywhere we go print is present, and life would be unimaginable in the twenty first…show more content…
The death of print in the newspaper industry is not worldwide, but there has been a rapid shift towards digital content. This shift is mostly due to the changing consumer behaviour and the widely available free online content. Not only have the amount of physical copies of newspapers and magazines decreased, but the written content has significantly changed too. Walter Benjamin claims that the role of the storyteller is becoming obsolete, and the stories that are being told are of no relevance to the people of the twenty first century. With more stories being written both, digitally and professionally, there is less of a need for people to orally speak about past experiences. Modern story telling is no longer concerned with the multiple experiences of storytellers, and thus loses the concrete human meaning. The need for storytelling has decreased due to the amount of facts and information that are readily available on the Internet. The stories that were once told to pass on knowledge have no relevance, since more accurately stated facts and information are present in many online sources, which have been backed with evidence. Thus, making the stories that were told previously not as accurate or reliable. Just as mentioned above, it is true that with new technological advances there has been less of a need for print. It is also true that without print, some of these innovations would not exist today and it is clear that print is
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