Negatives Of Anonymity

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The internet is everywhere! Today we are walking around with internet devices in our pockets, our smart phones. Have you ever been online on Facebook, YouTube, a blog, etc., and looked at the comments? While some of the comments can be heartfelt others can be negative.

“You look like an ugly slob” “who cares about you”-from no name. These comments are a growing problem. I hope to increase the awareness of media users on the pros and cons of using anonymity online. While elaborating with Guardian opinion editorial topic of anonymity, I will demonstrate the negative aspect of anonymity; cyberbullying, predators ,and unethical behavior. I will also show the positive aspect that anonymity has on privacy.

What is anonymity? Anonymity is
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Anonymity is making it easier for bullies to bully, especially children. With easy internet access cyber bullying happens with just a touch of a screen. With anonymity there is no way to know who the bully is, so there is no way to stop them and punish them for their actions. This is a problem, even more, so when you look at the statistics of how many students think about and have even attempted suicide.

Another negative aspect of anonymity are predators finding their targets online. Anonymity makes tragic events like knapping easier and more common. Because with the uses of anonymity one can make an online profile with a fake name and even a fake picture to approach children.

Kathy Glover fell for one of these misleading profiles. Kathy, a 12-year-old girl believed she was chatting with a 16-year-old boy, but in reality, she was chatting and sending photos to a mid-aged sex predator. Kathy was not his only victim. Nationwide 4,500 cases were reported last year, where predators used chat rooms to prey on teenagers.

Predators are using fake names and pictures to approach and befriend innocent people online. Befriending people, who a lot of the time are children, makes it more likely that they will agree to meet. This is the new way predator are luring in their victims, and unfortunately this tactic has been successful.

Anonymity is followed by unethical behavioral because not having your name on a comment or post takes away your reasonability.

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