Negatives Of Artificial Technology

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Have you ever thought about advancements in technology? Have you ever thought about Artificial Intelligence and robots taking over human jobs and changing society for the better ? Even though Ray Bradbury, the author of Fahrenheit 451, said technological advances are detrimental, Artificial Intelligence is beneficial to society because if it is programmed well, can be more efficient, do high precise jobs, and also low repetitive jobs. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, and any other types of robot can be more efficient than humans which can lead to better quality of products and for a prosperous company. According to a Newsela Article, “Proponents think there are cases where a machine's precision may outperform a human hand.”(Surgeons test “intelligent tool” pg.1) Since humans are not perfect, and now a days, with technological advancements, we need everything to be precise and accurate to increase productivity and work ethic. With more efficiency, comes better quality and a more prosperous company. If the quality of the product they make will be better that humans would ever make, then with better quality, more people will buy the product, therefore leading to increased purchases, which leads to increased prosperity for the company. Since robots can be more efficient, which can lead to increased prosperity for the company, and can create a higher quality products are just some of the many reasons on why technological advances are beneficial to society in the future. While
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