Negatives Of Globalization

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Globalization plays a defining role in the expansion of society, both politically and economically. While globalization encompasses many different sectors of daily life, the negative implications of the practice, such as exploitation of workers, damage to the environment of the host country and cultural deterioration outweigh any rewards earned through the process.
The entrance of Western corporations into Eastern countries may seem to benefit both the host country and the corporation itself, however this is an unbalanced partnership, with the host country bearing most of the downsides. A prime example of this is the hiring of ‘cheap and unskilled’ labour to fill positions in factories. Many countries with little to no labour regulations
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Because of the lack of strong, legal worker’s unions in these countries, it becomes much easier to exploit worker’s labour in developing countries. In fact, this globalization is also detrimental to workers in developed countries, as more and more factory jobs are outsourced to foreign countries. In what is being described as the ‘outsourcing tidalwave’, professionals at the University of California have estimated that nearly 1 in 9 of all American jobs are vulnerable to outsourcing (Hira 1) due to competitive and cheaper labour markets in the East. Due to outsourcing, Western workers are losing jobs to workers who are then forced to work in unsafe, unregulated and poorly paid areas. In both circumstances, neither side gains from the other.
In a similar fashion, the environment of the host country undergoes a significant amount of stress due to globalization. A particularly harmful effect is the loss of biodiversity in regions. David Ehrenfeld wrote in his essay of the effects of globalization on the environment that “India has probably grown over 30,000 different indigenous varieties or landraces of rice. This situation has, in the last 20 years, changed drastically and it is predicted that in another 20 years, rice diversity will be reduced to 50 varieties, with the top 10 accounting for over three-quarters of the sub-continent’s rice acreage (Ehrenfeld 1).”

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