Negatives Of Sweatshops

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I remember hearing about sweatshops in middle school and just thinking how wrong and useless they are. After reading the articles I believe that my impression of sweatshops that has stuck with me has changed. Even though I may find sweatshops to be cruel and useless it is not for others. I agree that “they are dirty and dangerous” (Kristof & WuDunn, 2000) and most Westerners are opposed to sweatshops, but for people in less developed countries, such as Asia they like them and want to work in them. I feel that sweatshops have many bad side effects, such as poor working conditions, pollution, and child labor, but I can see how they are starting to improve for workers and the rest of us. I still feel like they can be dangerous regardless, but they are helping so many people stay alive, have jobs, and make money. I never thought of it from that perspective and really realized just how much these jobs mean to some people. For example, the 40-year-old woman in Cambodia who would do anything to work in these sweatshops just to earn enough money to buy a $5 net to save her family from getting malaria from the area they had to move in order to sell wood to have money for food. The disease had already killed some of her family and will continue to do so if she does not make the money she needs to afford one of those tents. To be honest I cannot even imagine being put into one of these situations. It is so scary and mind blowing. Working in a sweatshop would be lifesaving to her and be
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