Negatives Of The Fidget Cube

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Discuss the Positives and the Negatives of Fidget Cube This discussion essay will discuss the topic of the Fidget Cube by presenting both the positive and the negative sides of this issue. Since it has been the twenty-first century, technologies are developing all the time. Because of that, the pressure of working is increasing as well. So some companies produce a toy called the Fidget Cube. It is a very useful object to release the pressure in the daily life. If teenagers are in the sense of over fatigue, they can just try to press the button on it. Also, it is good to make teenagers concentrate on their work, and it can help them change a lot of bad habits they used to have. But there are two disadvantages likewise. The first one is that the price is too steep. The second one is that the sound of pressing this may disturb others who are very close to them who are playing this toy. Firstly, this little thing is truly a good way to release teenagers’ pressure. For me, I also have the small cube like this. I remembered that it was the mid-term in grade 8. At that time, I did not do really do well in this test. I felt so sad about it. When the grade was established, I was upset because I had guesses that my grade won’t be high. So I took out this little toy, the Fidget Cube, to relax. I pressed the button a lot, and…show more content…
Making people’s mind more focused on their thing and changing their bad habits are the positive ones and the negative ones are that it is too expensive and maybe will disturb others. So this essay has discussed the topic of the Fidget Cube by presenting both the positive and the negative sides of this issue. For the Fidget Cube, the positive part may have a bigger proportion. Just for the reason that it may change the bad habits a lot of people now have and release your emotion better as well. It is a great process. Therefore, it has more positive things than negative
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