Negatives of Television and Video Games

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With television and video games entering a whole new level of popularity in the 2000s, serious and necessary questions need to be answered regarding the negative aspects of these new technologies. The technologies have perhaps caught people in such bewilderment and dazzle that the negatives have been given a blind-eye. The positives no doubt are countless, however whether they outweigh the negatives or not is another question.

Nowadays, with TV programs becoming many and TV channels and digital entertainment enterprises becoming countless, the quest for originality has become tougher, to the extent that originality has perhaps been raised in status, to become even above quality and common human ideals. When we lose human ideals, our morals and our conscience, we have lost everything, which keeps us a part of civilization. We no longer become civilized and we take limitless freedom, which is disastrous for the health of society and each individual in it.

Examples of such are the many television programs, which focus on celebrities, filtering unpleasant details from their lives to make them seem close to perfection. Doing such is extremely disastrous for many people, as believing some people are perfection, meanwhile they aren’t can cause distress for viewers, as viewers can then involuntarily start to perceive themselves as less than others.

Also, this has drawn many people into total obsession of these celebrities. This obsession being very dangerous as many people
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