Neglect: A Common Form Of Emotional Abuse

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Approximately 45% of my life consisted of “spanking” or “punishment”. In today’s society, those actions are now considered child abuse and mistreatment. In 2014, state agencies identified an estimated 1,580 children who died as a result of abuse and neglect between four and five children a day ( You may not know it or not, but emotional abuse is one of the most common abuses children face today. Forms of emotional abuse can consist of protocols such as humiliating or bullying the child through the use of words, neglect, and swearing or cursing.
Have you ever been bullied or picked on and felt down or absent from society? These same outcomes happen through child abuse. Children who experience maltreatment, including
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Child neglect is a common form of emotional abuse without consideration to provide the basic needs that a child needs such as supervision, food, or sometimes cases of providing a sufficient home for the child to live in. In a case of William and Claire Rembis, they performed several forms of neglect towards 11 children leading to foster custody of the children,” The parents continue to deny all allegations, but the CPS reports document a shocking history of neglect: children left in appalling unsanitary conditions, screaming and "shrieks of terror" at all hours of the night, children found rooting through trash to find food.” Things like this causes emotional distress on the child, worrying about how you will eat, loss of sleep because of nightmares, and overall mistreatment from your…show more content…
According to the World Health Organization, just about 40 million children are victims of child abuse under the age of 15. Sometimes emotional abuse isn’t an instant effect on the child, the effects may start appearing later within the child’s life. A lot of people in society try to run away from their problems instead of getting the help that’s needed, this also happens in a lot of children’s lives. Most of the time it’s because they are scared of what others may think or feel but half of the time it’s because they can no longer trust or bond with anyone else because of how they’ve been treated in the past. Many of us have heard the line “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Swearing or cursing at a child happens every day and can be very hurtful especially if your mom or dad is doing it. When your talked to in aggressive tone or words that may you feel worthless, this will eventually lead to low self-esteem about yourself. After a while those words will build up more and more and eventually the child will either repeat them, become antisocial because if your parents are supposed to be the ones to guide you and they talk to u negatively then the child may feel like no one else will care so they develop this “hidden window” and social life declines.

Emotional abuse has affected many children in the past and still occurring as we speak. Weather it’s through
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