Neglectful Parenting Style Affects A Child's Morality

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In modern day psychology1 there are four types of parenting styles: authoritative, neglectful, permissive, and authoritarian. Each type holds different characteristics and brings forth different reaction unto children. While not every type of parenting style will bring identical results since the relationship of a parent and child is unique to each family, studies on these relationships reveal patterns in the development of the adolescent mortality in relation to parenting styles. In this essay, I expand upon how parenting style affects the child’s morality. Morality will be defined as the individual’s interpretation of right and wrong under their own code of ethics. The studies included in this essay measured morality based on a questionnaire…show more content…
Neglectful parenting consists of a lack of foundation in the relationship between the parent and child, in addition to an absence of trust within the relationship. However this type of parenting style is usually not studied in cases to find parenting style and morality relationships. This is because there is an absence of parenthood within this type of style so it usually gets discarded.
Another harmful style of parenting is permissive parenting. This parenting is harmful because the parents are responsive but are not demanding. This parenting style is loving but the lack of authority the parents obtain is harmful. In this relationship, few rules are enforced. This causing a lack of discipline and control within the children. This type of parenting has been seen to hinder social and moral development
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One of these test were conducted by a group of students in the private institution Liberty University located in Central Virginia. Students in Liberty University conducted a study to address if there was any connection towards parenting styles and the development of moral judgement. Their purpose of this study was to conclude which parenting styles are one of the “foundations” for the development of moral judgment within adolescents. To find out these answers they used the Parental Authority Questionnaire and the Defining Issues Test. Three (authoritative , permissive, authoritarian) out of the four types of parenting styles were examined. The researchers hypothesized that adolescents who perceived they were parented under the authoritative method will have much higher levels of moral judgement compared to permissive parenting and authoritarian parenting. The results of the 209 adolescence concluded the researchers’ hypothesis was incorrect. Authoritative parenting did not have a power impact on moral development but it was concluded that permissive
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