Neglecting of Students

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Neglecting of students In the story “I Just Wanna Be average” poetry, scholarly research, textbook, and book writer Mike Rose recounts his years in vocational track school. I agree with Rose’s views on teachers not valuing their students and them neglecting them as well. The sentence “I just want to be average” is what manifested this whole paper. Not an individual not a person at high standards but just average, Roses approach to this issue is very significant and formal. He fixates on this sentence because he then realizes that those in the vocational school were trying to be someone else instead of themselves. “Reject the confusion and frustration by openly defining yourself as the Common Joe” (Rose 3). The common joe was exactly…show more content…
I feel like being average is not important because everyone will live their lives according to how they feel comfortable. Judgment has always been in the air and it will never go away. Instead of students trying to be average, teachers need to step up to the plate and serve as a key point in student’s educations. Teachers need to do what they are hired to do and they need to stop half doing their jobs. If a parent is not supportive in a child’s education than I believe that the teacher should be the child’s number 1 supporter. Instead of looking at some children as “disaffected” teachers should look at them as unique. I say that because every child deserves the chance and opportunity to earn an education. With or without great intelligence every student should be valued and treated fair. Rose’s story is very effective as it is, his encounters in life is a lesson well learned for him to pass on to others. References Rose, M. (1989). I Just Wanna Be Average. Mike
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